Diversity – University of Copenhagen

Diversity and Equality at the University of Copenhagen

(Principle no. 6 in Personnel Policy - Basic Principles)

Gender distribution in figures

Below, you can see the gender distribution of academic staff at UCPH. In relation to both the general distribution in the different levels in the job structure, and in relation to new appointments of professors are:

- New appointments at UCPH 2006-2015, professors (in danish)
- Population size 2007-2015, the academic staff (in danish)

Career, Women and UCPH

The Action Plan for Career, Gender and Quality – Equal Opportunities in Research and Management

The action plan is based on UCPH’s Personnel Politics Basic Principle no. 6 - Diversity and Equality.

With the action plan, the University Board has adopted a clear policy on the efforts for gender balance in research, education and management at the UCPH. The action plan also provides the framework for the University’s goals on gender balance.

Following the action plan the development course for female researchers at UCPH "Career, Women and UCPH " has been established.

Research and Management

The University of Copenhagen has initiated different initiatives to get more women into research and management at the university.

You can find information about these initiatives, as well as figures and statistics etc. concerning women in research and management:

Women in Research and Management at UCPH